Garage Makeover Part Five – Turn Your Garage Into a Multipurpose Space

March 30, 2016 12:00 am
Garage-make-over with black and white floor tiles and red walls with tools on the shelves

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For most people, a garage is the place where you park your car and store items that may overflow from storage spaces around your home. But a garage can be an excellent place to use for extra activities such as gyms, studios for music or art, and much more. Put your garage to use by following these multipurpose space ideas!

  1. Home gym – Are you a fitness fanatic? Create your own home gym in your garage. Invest in floor mats, dumbbells, and cardio equipment to turn your space into the perfect workout haven. Click here to learn how to turn your garage into a fitness room.
  2. Art studio – Need some space to unleash your inner creative side? Turn your garage into an art studio! You can free your house from the mess of arts-and-crafts supplies while giving yourself a space to escape and explore the Monet within. This is a great spot for kids to enjoy painting as well. Click here to view a two-car garage that has been converted into an art studio.
  3. Garage band – Your garage can serve as an excellent place to practice music! Grab some friends or practice on your own. If your neighbors are sensitive to noise, consider investing in some soundproofing materials. Click here for a video of a garage turned music studio.
  4. Auto workshop – Car enthusiasts may find that their garage is a wonderful place to set up their own mechanic shop. With a floor jack and the right tools, you can take your automotive hobby to the next level! Click here to learn about creating your own home automotive workshop.
  5. Man cave – A couch, TV and mini-fridge can turn your garage into the perfect man cave. If you’re looking for more, consider insulating and finishing the walls to give it more of a complete look. Click here to learn how create the perfect man cave.

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