Make Searching for Homes More Effective

April 13, 2017 8:11 am

business, internet and technology concept - businessman touching screen of smartphone with menu interfaceAt Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, we want you to have the best tools available when you search for the home of your dreams. When you download the Home Scouting® app, you will discover many exciting features that will allow you to compare homes in your area.

When you begin searching for homes, there is an “Options” button on the top right of the map view that can make your search much more effective. In this menu, you can show recently sold homes, select your top and bottom price range, or show the school districts and nearest schools.

Two other useful features that are important as you scout for new neighborhoods are “Show Traffic” and “Points of Interest.”

With “Show Traffic” selected, you will see green or red on major roads, showing where cars are moving or backed up. Knowing the traffic patterns in an area is helpful information to have before you buy.

“Points of Interest” is another fun benefit of using the Home Scouting® app. If you are the person who must have your morning Starbucks when you commute, simply type “Starbucks” in the “Points of Interest” box and your map will show you a purple icon where every Starbucks is located.

To search for homes in your area, download the app from Google Play or iTunes. You can also use the “Discover Your Next Home” search tool on the homepage of my website. Call me today for my VIP code so that you can start utilizing this fantastic app!