Inexpensive Halloween Decor for Your Home

October 7, 2015 12:00 am

With Halloween just a few weeks away, pumpkins, spider webs and other spooky décor are creeping their way across porches, along shelves and throughout festive homes. However, decorating your home for Halloween doesn’t have to take a toll on your budget. Your local dollar store has an abundance of inexpensive Halloween decorations, and we’ve gathered 5 festive and inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas for your home:


Front door wrapped in toilet paper to make it look like a mummy

Image via ekorob/Instagram/Café Mom

Mummy door – Use white streamers or packing tape and wrap them around your front door to make it look like a mummy. You can even use felt or construction paper to make eyes!

A skeleton buried in a wheelbarrow

Image via The Budget Decorator

Skeleton wheelbarrow – You can find plastic skeleton pieces at your local dollar store, place them in an old wheelbarrow with fallen leaves for a spooky yard decoration.

Candy corn wreath

Image via Candy Corn Wreath/Artsy Fartsy Mama

Candy corn wreath – Using a wreath form, orange acrylic paint, candy corn and tacky glue, you can create an adorable Halloween wreath for your front door! Start by painting the wreath form orange, then glue on the candy corn in rows. You can even add a festive bow for a special effect! For more information, click here.

Chalkboard tombstone

Image via Halloween Chalkboard Tombstones/Charisma Homes

Chalkboard tombstones – Purchase black foam board from your local craft store and cut it to make a tomb stone shape. You can write on these with white chalk or permanent chalk markers to create a scary tombstone decoration for your yard.

Milk jug ghost luminaries

Image via Spirit Jugs/eighteen25

Milk jug luminaries – Clean out old milk jugs and glue a face cut out of black construction paper on the flat side. Place artificial candles inside and create a fun lit walkway for trick-or-treaters.

Don’t forget to have your sidewalk and front porch well lit so that trick-or-treaters can walk safely to your door. Enjoy decorating for Halloween!

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