Home Design Trends for 2016

February 10, 2016 12:00 am

Open kitchen space that leads into the dining roomHome design trends this year are all about family and functionality! What’s the rage in home layouts and décor? Formal, inviting dining rooms and tech-free living rooms encourage families to spend time together rather than watching television or staring at cell phone screens. Large, kitchen workhorse islands are increasingly popular ways to serve the masses at parties, provide a place for families to gather for meals, and give burgeoning chefs enough counterpace to create meals. Plus, you can easily add warmth to your home with a heated entryway. Read more amazing tips about modern design that can improve your home below.

Formal dining rooms – Once thought of as a room for special occasions, formal dining rooms are making a big comeback. Families balancing busy schedules are encouraging nightly dinners and the dining room is the perfect place. Forget the china and napkins and keep the focus on the food and investing the time together. Click here for some great formal living room design ideas.

Technology-free living rooms – Families are looking for living rooms in their homes that inspire spending time with one another rather than watching television. While tech-filled homes certainly aren’t going off the map, tech-less rooms are becoming more popular. For more about tech-free living rooms, click here.

Workhorse islands – Kitchen islands with deep storage, prep sinks and room for seating is becoming the heart of modern kitchens. These provide additional workspace while being dually beautiful and functional. To see more on workhorse islands, click here.

Heated entryways – In cooler regions of the country, heated entryways are a huge hit in homes. While heated flooring was once used mainly in bathrooms, think about its use in entryways to melt snow and dry boots. For a more budget-friendly option, heated floor and rug mats are available.

Sunrooms – Many new homes are being built with sunrooms. No room in the budget to build an addition? Create a makeshift sunroom in an area of the home where you have several windows. By adding chairs and an ottoman, cushions and a little imagination, you can have a sunny spot perfect for reading or relaxing. To learn more about sunrooms, click here.

Watch the video below for more 2016 home design trends: