Garage Makeover Part Four – Sporting Equipment Storage

March 23, 2016 12:00 am
An organized basket of sports balls

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Busy, athletic families often use their garage to store sports equipment such as balls, cleats, bikes, golf bags and more. However, athletic accessories can quickly clutter a garage if it is not properly organized. Follow these creative storage tips to keep your equipment tidy and easily accessible!

  1. Add a shelving unit in your garage dedicated to items such as helmets, cleats, kneepads and other large items.
  1. Attaching buckets or barrel-style containers to the wall of your garage can serve as great storage space for taller items such as baseball bats or hockey sticks.
  1. Bikes take up the most room when left on the floor of a garage. Install bike racks on the wall or ceiling of your garage. If you ride often, you will likely want to opt for a wall option for easy access. If you do not ride frequently, the ceiling options may work best.
  1. Heavy-duty wall hooks create an excellent place to hang golf bags. Depending on the amount of golf clubs the bags are holding, these can be quite heavy, so hooks may need to be secured with wall anchors or metal stripping.
  1. Bungee cords hooked on a simple square frame make a creative storage solution for soccer balls, basketballs and footballs. If your garage walls are unfinished, placing this between wall studs makes for a great space saver.
  1. A slat wall or pegboard system can be used as a customized shelving unit to accommodate different kinds of sports equipment since shelves, hooks and baskets can be hung wherever you please.

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Review our tips for garage makeover parts one, two and three! If you have grown out of your garage, it might be time to find a bigger home with more space. I would love to discuss how much home you are able to afford when you are ready to make the move.

Watch the video below to learn how to suspend bikes from your garage ceiling.